Seven ways to make the QOF year an easier one!

Practices everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief on the 31st March, because the QOF rush is over for another year. 

The 31st of March is a bit like New Year’s Eve in general practice. It’s a time to celebrate and reflect; time to stop waking up in a pool of QOF-induced sweat during the night. The 1st of April is a bit like New Year’s Day, time to promise yourself it’s all going to be different this year. Full of promises that patients will not be locked in the waiting room until they have all received smoking cessation advice.

“This year will be different,” we’ll say. So what can practices do to make sure their resolutions aren’t going to fail? 

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2 thoughts on “Seven ways to make the QOF year an easier one!

  1. I was a practice manager in England I had a structure from day one when the QAF was over ever day the staff and myself were set task to carry on the years structure it worked three years running we gained 100% with accreditation so we had no hidden surprises when our date came
    I also did protocols and polices for other practices and it all help to grow as an area we all worked


    1. sorry – I have only just seen your post, thanks for your feedback. It’s great to hear that practices are working together, I think this is the key to us all reaching targets and hopefully reducing the strain at the same time!


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